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Introducing Pirate Pro

By May 13, 2021No Comments

FREE technical recruitment for the events industry

Rob Reading

We’ve got very little time to waste and need the industry back on its feet. We need to work together to fix it.

The build up of intensity as we head out of lockdown is hard not to notice, with a buzz of exciting projects being announced on social media. But we’ll collectively hit a ceiling of what we can achieve without the right technical staff and crew to make these creations come to life.
We all know that valued personnel have left the industry, some for good, others until they can afford to take the gamble to return. There will inevitably be more jobs than good people to fill them. Recruiting anyone will be a constant, messy scrap between competing organisations to secure the ‘right’ people for their vacant roles.
But does it really have to be this way?
Pirate Crew say NO! and as ever, we are here to help and dedicate time & resources to prove it.

Introducing Pirate Pro – Technical Recruitment (A FREE service!)

We believe that properly matching candidates to jobs could be as far easier. By taking the time to ask the right questions from both candidates and employers, we can quickly come up with a glorious match made in heaven.
All candidates can be challenged to answer the exact same skills based questions as each other on a national basis, therefore the become instantly comparable to each other. For hirers, these questions could highlight everything a person could already do with great detail, whilst honestly pinpointing areas that need improvement.

Time is our priceless resource and we need to use it wisely

Even before an interview, employers can have the full picture of a persons’ capabilities. Simultaneously, the candidate will know exactly what to expect from the job that they couldn’t glean from a job advert. How much time could that save you?
Many great candidates get overlooked because of CV fatigue. If all employers went though job applications A-Z, the industry might be filled with Dianes and Bobs, with not a Wendy or Zane in sight.
For candidates, we can become one focal point from which to ask important questions about vacancies to hirers, before deciding to accept an interview. Likewise, employers can enjoy a buffer between them and their job applicants, to correctly narrow the field and improve productivity & likelihood of successful match.
With questions devised with the help of industry experts, who themselves are responsible for hiring staff. Pirate Pro benefits come from an honest, diverse and trustworthy company with a history of placing people in the right places based on skills and work ethic, and a from company with a keen eye for talented individuals.
Our aim is for employers to see fewer but better qualified applications and so stop wasting their time and the time of candidates who are unlikely to be successful. Let’s stop procrastinating and aim for recruiting efficiency. Time is our priceless resource, we need to use it wisely. Let’s make the magic happen.

How about we make this service entirely FREE?

That’s right. This is a new free service available to all of you right now, to match talented and skilled candidates to the best jobs.
Job Seekers: If you’re looking for a new opportunity, want to make a break into the industry, struggling to return from the affects off the pandemic, or just curious to know which jobs are available – This service is for you!
It’s easy to get started, just sign up and answer some questions about yourself. From that moment Pirate Pro will be on your side, searching on your behalf for new work opportunities that match your skills, knowledge and personal criteria.
Organisations looking for technical staff – let us make this real easy for you. No more spending hundreds of hours sifting through endless CVs. Use the FREE Pirate Pro solution and you’ll receive in depth and validated information about candidates to help make the hiring process quicker and smoother.
We are ready to rock so candidates and employers alike – let’s be hearing from you.
If success is all about who you know, then get to know Pirate Pro.