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What is Pirate Pro? Your solution to finding your next Technical events Job

Pro is a specialist recruitment service to help you get technical events jobs in Arts, Events and Entertainment. We collect comprehensive information from potential candidates about their skills, experience and motivations, and match them to industry job vacancies with specific requirements.
With decades of recruitment knowledge and working alongside some of our industry partners, we have created a database with proper & thorough information about jobs and candidates, which will save time and hassle for all. We bring this new service to the market, free for candidates and clients alike.

Why introduce this service?

Industry recovery will be difficult, with the effects of the last year expected to be long lasting. We don’t fully know the final impact yet. But we do know that we’re at a critical juncture. We ALL need as much help as possible to get back up and running.
Pirate is a people company, therefore we are acutely aware that workforce numbers have dwindled considerably over the past year. Many treasured talents have left the industry, never to return. Consequently, there will be a shortage of staff and a free-for-all-fight by companies trying to secure the right people to build and run their shows.
Pirate, as ever, is here to help. Using existing resources and some new systems, our aim is to get the right technical & production people into the right jobs and help get this industry moving smoothly once again.

Who can register as a candidate?

If you’re looking for a new technical events job or if you’re trying to get back into the industry – this is for you.
Anyone who has worked in or wishes to work in Technical & Production is welcome. From Production Managers to Costume, Prop Makers to Lighting technicians, Carpenters to Wigs – we welcome you all to use this service for free. People of any technical skill and experience level should use our service.

How does it work?

They starting point is to take the time to fill out a comprehensive application form for Pirate Pro. At this point you an also apply to register for our Pirate Crew freelance database. This is not necessary to join the Pirate Pro database.
Depending on your initial options the form may take up from 20mins to 45 mins to complete while we find out your skills, licences, training and qualifications.
More than this, we want to know all about your professional ambitions, your current situation, the types of technical events jobs you’ll consider.

Before you say it

Yes we know the form is long, the questions many. But we make no apologies for this. We simply say it’s worth you spending the time. Potential employers need all the facts to make qualified decisions about who they want to interview.

Once we’ve received your details we’ll take steps to verify your submission by checking references you’ve given us and asking further questions. We may ask you to take part in a video interview.
Once we match you to a new job vacancy, we’ll contact you with the details. We won’t send your details to a client without asking you first and you won’t receive a deluge of emails with random job postings that have no relevance to you. And you can remove yourself from our database whenever you like, just say the word.
If you need any advice about your CV, interview technique or career advice, we’ll do our best to make the time to help you.
If you have any questions about Pirate Pro then feel free to email us at pro@piratecrew.co.uk

Completely FREE

Find a role that suits your needs

Take the time to inform us of your skills and we’ll take the time to help find jobs tailored to you

We find out what employers really want from their next candidate

Discover jobs available that you may have missed

Get honest feedback from applications and interviews

CV, Interview and career guidance freely given

Potential for technical freelance work with Pirate Crew whilst waiting for perfect job to come along

After-placement review and support

What have you got to lose?