What Do You Want From A Day's Work?

You might not even know the answer but we’ll give it to you right here.

Since 2009 we’ve been looking after the interests of our amazing crew, helping them to advance in their skill sets and their careers. We are a family and a network who support each other. Pirates come and go but are always free to come back to us, and they do.


They love Pirate

Consider working where:

  • Your fellow team all have a positive attitude to work
  • Your peers are skilled, experienced and think for themselves
  • They welcome & support new recruits and take an active part in their training knowing that the better their team mates are, the better Pirate is.
  • You have a good laugh even when the work is tough
  • You can feel proud of your work
  • The Work is interesting
  • You are appreciated
  • Fools and Negative personalities are not suffered or kept around. (As that’s really bad for business!)

What if you work for a company that….

  • Respects you
  • Doesn’t make you wait for your hard earned fees
  • Rectify any pay errors in the same week, if not the same day
  • Is respected throughout the industry
  • Expects the best from all crew to carry on it’s proud name
  • Does it’s very best to surround you with the best technicians and a like-minded positive team.

How does all that sound to you?

Fun-natured, professional & reliable Crew – are hard to come by…

Part of working in the theatre industry and for Pirate Crew is that you are constantly learning, none of our crew has a ‘know it all’ attitude. We respect your feedback but on the job we listen to the client and do what they ask – we expect you to do the same. We pay our staff decent money and treat them with respect, which in turn means that we have a fun-natured, professional and reliable crew. If you put 100% effort into a job you will soon become one of the regular Pirate Crew team as we all have a passion for getting the job done, and feel a huge sense of achievement when a task is complete. Without you we are nothing.