Whatever you need for your production, trust in our experienced team to make the show run smoothly

With hundreds of live events under our belt and a multitude of talent to pick from, we can provide experienced show staff with any specific skill you need. Book people who won’t buckle under the pressure!

Olivier Awards Royal Albert Hall Auditorium & Crew

Show stage Crew

Able to work efficiently under the pressures of a live show, Pirate stage techs will perform their duties exactly as you want them to, will take responsibility for their roles and be quick on their feet in the event of a problem.

Counterweight Flying

Show flying is an Art that we know well. Lots of available staff proficient in Single and double purchase counterweight flying

Board Operators

Hit GO on a phone call to us and more than likely we'll have a lighting, sound or automation board op available to you for runs or in potential emergencies

Additional Skills

  • Wardrobe Staff
  • Follow Spot Ops
  • Drivers
  • Sound Techs
  • Human Flying Ops