We have the absolute best Stage Technicians. Here is why

We love our Pirates Stage Techs and you will to. They are the full package of positive attitude, skills, technical experience AND TOOLS!

Fully trained and invested in, our team are proud to be Pirate and are waiting to take the pain away from your event

100% Positive Attitude

Positive in both attitude and action, The Pirate stage techs are ready to make your event the super easy for you and your team by helping you every step of the way.

Specialist Theatre Techs

We are the Theatre Specialists. Why? Because that's where we come from.
All of our stage techs are trained specifically in theatre stage craft, knots, Flys awareness, stage orientation and perhaps most importantly - theatre etiquette!

If it's a theatre show you're planning then you can do no better. Pirate are the first and the best.

Scenery Handling

You've spent thousands of pounds on the Scenery for your event and you want to keep it looking pretty and undamaged. You need Pirate.

Our professional scenic handlers are trained to handle the assets with complete sympathy.

Big, Small, Heavy, Fragile & Bizarre - we're used to it!

Staging Crew

Sometimes you just need some good old fashioned muscle and know how to build your stage.

Our guys are highly motivated & well trained. They'll work in an efficient and safe manner to the perfect finish.

With experience in all kinds of steeldeck and lite-deck assembly and applications you can be sure that even when things don't quite go to the plan, we'll have the solution

Event Crew

Fields, Hotels, Exhibition Centres, Museums and more. We don't mind where the work takes us, we'll enjoy it regardless.

Whatever kind of event you're running, the Pirates have the experience required to get the job done.