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We've nailed it. The perfect mix of skilled carpentry and helpful mentality.

Craftsmanship and solutions when you need it most

Carpentry is an important part of our service. Totally motivated to fulfil your final design in the best way possible, our chippies eat deadlines for breakfast. ┬áThere’s many different options to keep the costs down too, so call us and see the solutions that we can create for you.

Production Carpenters

When you need someone to take charge for tours and one-off events. Pirate Prod Carps have varied backgrounds, but they all have the same can do attitude.

Many clients rely on us to supply the right person to suit the role. A mix of skill, experience and the will to solve onsite problems are a must. We offer the perfect match of people to job, so let us know the full details and we'll create the right solution.

Onsite Workshop Carpenters

Bringing all the tools they need, our highly experienced scenery carpenters will make and amend anything you need.

Plan to have us there on the day or call us in an emergency - they'll be glad to help

Senior Carpentry Techs

You don't have to pay the earth if your needs are simple. Tell us exactly your requirements and we'll match the right person and price for the job.

Senior Carpentry Techs fill the gap when the job is straight forward but still requires a professional finish.

Theatre Carpentry

A skill in its own right. Fitting up a theatre show needs a jack of all trades and a specific knowledge of theatre practices.

Building elements within the confines of a show needs expert knowledge. Call Pirate

Theatre Stage Technicans

Is the set already fabricated and needing construction? - We are the absolute best. We provide a positive force to be reckoned with to get your show up, on time and to design specification.