With all the know-how for your rigging, plugging up and focusing needs

Why just order Crew when you can specify the correct skill set? Let our bespoke service work for you when making a booking by choosing one of our electrical technicians to work within your team.

We have an array of Lighting, Sound and Video technicians up and down the UK, ready to come and assist you with your event. Let’s help make your event a success by providing our best

Lighting techs

Being involved with so many different types of events certainly has its advantages.

From west end theatre shows to outdoor exhibitions, there are very few problems our team hasn't tackled before. Brimming with solutions and the motivation to action it.

And when the job is done they'll muck right in with the other departments. Sound fair?

Board Operators

Having such a talented bunch means that we can offer you Board Ops and programmers for the most popular Lighting and Digital Sounds Desks.

Sometimes so hard to find - let us do the time consuming work for you.

Sound Techs

Line array installations, band set ups, Live mixing.

Our valued Sound Crew are just what you need for an efficient set up, and they're not afraid to lift either!

Production staff and senior techs

Do you need a special individual to lead the team & be responsible for the outcome?

Working with consideration for the final design, our Lighting and Sound Senior Techs have been chosen for their ability to plan efficiently and their natural leadership skills. Trust in them and you won't regret it.

all pirate can help

Our investment in people and basic training package for all regular Pirates means that whoever you ask to assist with your lighting team, they will be confident in their knowledge.

Don't worry, they won't pretend to know everything - everyday is a learning day!