Individual talent nurtured and developed to produce the best Crew Chiefs in the business.

Pride in our People

We get genuinely excited by the talent and skills of individuals. We work with our crew to expand their knowledge, extend their skills and find out what motivates them.

Taking ownership of a task is the ethic that every Pirate holds so finding people amongst them to lead a team is pretty easy

Client Sensitive Listeners

Our Senior Techs also know that you've been planning this event for a long time. It's not easy and the best laid plans often go sideways.

They will be entirely sympathetic to the challenges in front of you and be constantly there to help, never to judge. Suggestions can be offered to make your life easier but not if you don't want them.

The service will be tailored just for you.

Seasoned Problem Solvers

Our crew chiefs share in your problems. They have the experience and know-how to offer sensible and sometimes radical solutions for complex on site issues.

Pride in their work is a main motivator, so depend on them and in return you'll get thoughtful efficiency and a polish to the finish you were only dreaming of.

National Riverstage Pirate Crew Smiling with Guns

Team Responsibility

Leading from the front, you won't find our Senior Techs asking someone to perform a task they're not willing to do themselves.

Awareness of their team's strengths means that they can divvy the jobs appropriate to skill and task will be tackled with maximum efficiency

An eye for on site health & safety will limit any costly dangerous occurrences.