Video Series: Meet The Theatre Professionals

What and why?

Theatre, Arts and Entertainment industries are filled with the most talented and hard working individuals both on and behind the stage.

We want to celebrate that and move on with positive minds.

We’ve picked a small handful of our favourite theatre professionals to ask them the important (and the not so important) questions relating to the industry.

Their answers are informative, opinionated and entertaining.

Something for everyone

A chance for those with hopes to enter the industry to meet the people you may work with in the future and become informed about what to expect.

A chance for industry colleagues with serious concerns about the future to see their missed work friends.

An opportunity for those outside the industry to have a peek inside.

A new video will be released every Monday.

latest episode – Episode 06

How will your job change due to Virus Protection

Who knows when we can get the entertainment industry back to normal?

And when we return, what will the repercussions be? How do we keep each other safe? Are we prepared and ready as an industry for real change?

Our experienced group of theatre professionals tackle these questions and more in this video.

Episode 01

How do you stay positive in difficult times?

To kick off our new video series we ask our talented and varied group their methods of getting through the day both during the crisis and in everyday life.

Some great tips here for anyone feeling low or struggling to get through the day.

Episode 02

Whats skills and attitudes do you want for those starting out in the industry?

During the crisis, not much mention seems to have been made about the young folk ready to move into the industry, still in education or finished their initial training.

Here, for their benefit we ask the veterans of the theatre world to sum up what they look for in a new recruit.

episode 03

What is your biggest or most embarrassing mistake?

Do you think you’re the only one to make mistakes at work? Think again….

These folks represent some of the best talent the theatre world has to offer, and they have some humdingers to tell you about. If you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn!

Episode 04

How do you manage your work / life balance?

One thing all people working in entertainment industry can agree on is that it’s an uphill struggle to maintain a personal life whilst also trying to succeed.

Listen to our animated group of theatre industry professionals muse on just how to do it…….do you think they’ve succeeded?

Episode 05

If you could work in another department – which and why?

Most people we know who work in theatre or entertainment love their job.

But is there another role they’d like to try?

We ask our brilliant group – Is there a different job they could imagine themselves in? Some enlightening answers are ahead….

Coming Soon – Episode 07

What is your professional pet hate?

What grinds your gears when you’re at work?

Let’s take a moment to be proper grumpy about the antics within theatre that you just can’t stand.

Can you think of any? Well we have plenty of suggestions here, as kindly provided by our troop of theatre experts. Some are more vocal than others! You are advised to listen and learn what not to do!

Thanks to the following amazing people for participating

Dominic Bell – Freelance Production Sound Engineer

Tom Coyne – Deputy Production Manager

Rosie Octon – Freelance Hair and Make Up Designer

Bob Holmes – Production Manager

Gary Pell – Head of Stage

Dominique Pierre-Louis – Stage Manager

Martin Thompson – Head of Production

Chris Tonini – Production Carpenter

Dale Driscoll – Production Electrician & Associate Lighting Designer

Dave Kane – Stage Manager & Flyman

Tania Tonini – Production Electrician

Lorna Stimson – Head of Wigs

John Valente – Production Automation & Production Manager

Graham McKnight – Technical Manager

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Do you have a question on your lips that needs answering?

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