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Stage Crew At Selladoor Worldwide Stores

By May 1, 2018No Comments
A look behind, behind the scenes for stage crew….

The work of a theatre technician goes beyond the stage. This week a team of Pirate Stage Crew from Milton Keynes and Northampton have been in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. The task? To help Selladoor Worldwide move smoothly into their new stores

This week the team were lead by one of our longest serving and ever trusted crew chiefs, Jason Arundell. Our team jumped in the Pirate Transport, traveling for an early start to get Selladoor set up in their new home.

Selladoor Storage Pirate Stage Crew

Selladoor have decided to move all of their shows into storage from further north. This was the perfect opportunity to organise the 11 shows they own into their own location, and consequently take stock and organise.

Over the course of 4 days our team unloaded 14 Paul Mathews trailers containing 11 theatre shows including American Idiot, Of Mice and Men, Little Shop of Horrors and Jersey Boys which has recently returned from a tour of China.

Selladoor Storage Pirate Stage Crew


Although this is far from the most glamorous side of theatre, it is just as important and our team treats it as such. Each show was carefully unloaded and safely stacked into different parts of the store, therefore keeping a clear distinction between each one. This was also a perfect opportunity to get rid of any damaged or surplus bits of scenery. The team filled a whole trailer and 2 skips with all the things not needed any more!

Our team worked hard and fast and as a result finished ahead of schedule each day. This gave our clients the best opportunity to see what they have and plan for the future.  The week went by with a happy atmosphere due to the smiles and good humour of the crew.

Stage Crew Pirate Crew Smiles

Adam Washbourne the Production Manager for Selladoor said  “I would like to thank the ladies and gentlemen of Pirate Crew. The move went very smoothly and the team were cracking!”

We take pride in our team’s professional and can-do approach to all tasks and would like to echo Adam’s thanks. What ever the job our Pirates are always here to help!

The Pirate Team